Astrogenetix is uniquely positioned to offer our Microgravity Processing (MGP) services on a contract research basis. We are the only entity capable of providing not only access to a microgravity environment, but also the skills, resources and experience to provide end-to-end mission assurance for an experimental protocol. Many pharmaceutical industry development programs are being delayed or have failed due to a lack of appropriate research and development tools; Astrogenetix is equipped to step in and help facilitate these programs. Working in the rigorous NASA environment for more than 25 years, our team has participated in many missions with a large set of government, academic and commercial customers. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies seeking to outsource research and development projects in the pre-clinical and clinical phases should contact us to find out more about how we can help facilitate to-market processes more quickly and affordably. Astrogenetix offers three types of services:
  • Biomarker Discovery (target discovery, lead compound development, etc.)
  • Preclinical Studies (in-vitro experimentation in microgravity)
  • Microgravity Processing