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This Agreement, along with the Company’s relationship with various universities and government agencies and departments, gives Astrogenetix the ability to conduct valuable research and develop products in space to be commercialized on Earth.

Through expertise gained by sending more than 1,500 NASA science experiments into space, Astrogenetix is exclusively positioned to help commercialize products derived from microgravity discoveries.

NASA astronauts Greg Chamitoff (left), mission specialist, and Mark Kelly, mission commander, are unpacking canisters of the Group Activation Pack.

Source: NASA

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Astrogenetix is the first biotech company to research and develop novel therapeutic products in the unique environment of microgravity in space.

Formed by its parent company, Astrotech Corporation (NASDAQ: ASTC) (formerly SPACEHAB) in 2008, Astrogenetix is one of the first commercial entities to hold a Space Act Agreement (SAA) with NASA for use of the International Space Station – a designated U.S. National Laboratory – for research, development and industrial processing purposes.