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Source: Medscape

Biomarker Discovery

Biomarkers are characteristics or “markers” of the state of a biological system or process, and can be in the form of DNA, RNA, proteins, metabolites or any other measurable biologic material. Their discovery helps us understand the complexities of a biological system – and how to apply these discoveries to personalized medicine and drug development.

Scientists hope to use biomarkers as therapeutic targets or diagnostic markers, as well as in applications ranging from biotechnology research and development to agricultural and industrial processes.

Astrogenetix offers a new approach to the existing market by examining biomarkers in the microgravity environment – where, researchers believe, they will be expressed in novel ways, potentially leading to new discoveries.

In addition to internal programs at the parent company, Astrogenetix seeks third-party pharmaceutical customers with expertise in specific areas of study to offer microgravity biomarker discovery services for specific models of interest. As with all of the company’s other service offerings, Astrogenetix is the only provider currently able to offer comprehensive planning and access to the microgravity environment of space.